AUXNAVALIA PLUS will have an impact on improved maritime security and activities to encourage innovation capacities of maritime components industry to produce new and safest materials and structures for crafts, new construction systems to improve ships resistance and their operating capacity in case of accidents, etc. Additional novelty techniques will also be proposed in order to develop new equipments, ships, etc.

The project will also encourage structured management and planning; it will support the sector homogeneity in the region developing transnational business plans and mobilising companies, working jointly with an intense transnational focus; it will stimulate and support knowledge transfer among research institutions and SMEs; it will ensure the sector’s and the work started at AUXNAVALIA sustainability, keeping alive the Shipbuilding Atlantic Platform (SAP), designing and promoting new R+D+i projects, assisting SMEs to adapt their business plans to new market demands regarding security and contributing to overcome the environmental challenges of the region. Structured around 10 activities, the project has 5 partners supporting, representing and promoting SME within the sector and 4 countries represented: Spain, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Our objectives: